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Membership FAQs

I can't log in

Your username is your email address - the one we have on file with MAA.  This is the email address where you receive your MAA emails. We do not store your password at MAA. If you don’t remember your password, click the FORGOT link to get a reset link.

I am not receiving emails from MAA

This is a frustrating situation for all of us!  You can start by checking your spam folder for emails from MAA ( .  If you find our emails there, mark them as NOT SPAM. 

Some email servers will reject an email outright, without notification to the sender or the recipient.  In this case, you have two options.  You can contact MAA with a different email address to use for your member record.  Or, you may look at whitelisting the domain.  The linked article may help or there may be other more current information available by googling "How to Whitelist a domain."

My company is a member - do I need to be a member?

To receive member discounts on events or certification materials, YES, everyone needs a membership.  To obtain a membership, just follow the JOIN tab.  The application will ask you to select a membership type. If your company already has a membership, you would select Affiliate.

MAA offers a few events each year that extend member discounts to all company employees regardless of membership status.  Further, it is possible to become and remain certified without holding an MAA membership. Most people find, however, that it is more convenient to have a membership for the communication about events and discounts to credit-earning events.

I'd like to use the MAA logo on my website

Terrific!  We encourage our members to proudly display the MAA logo on their websites, email signatures and business cards.  Members may visit the restricted members-only page to access digital  logos.

I bought a study guide and I don't have permissions to view it.

Study Guide access must be set up by our office team.  In general Study Guide access should be available within 1-2 business days but if you purchase a Study Guide over the weekend or during the holidays, you may need a wait a bit longer.  If you're having problems after that time, please contact the office!  

If you purchased a member-rate study guide, access is only granted if your membership dues are paid in full.

Don't see your question listed here?  Contact the MAA Office.  We'll use your feedback to generate more helpful FAQs for our website visitors.

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