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In an effort to make credit reporting easier, the MCA program has moved the MCA Recertification Tally Sheet online. 

Your RTS will be stored in our database for 3 years.

A total of 10 recertification credits are required annually. A minimum of 2 education credits and 2 safety credits are required. 

The 2022 Recertification Form is now closed.  The audit of the 2022 submissions has also been completed.  If you failed to submit your 2022 form, information on the reinstatement process can be found below on this page.


A note about 2024 MCA cards: 
Due to rising production costs and significant production delays, we are no longer able to provide plastic MCA cards.  We are switching to a paper card which we can produce on-demand right here at the office.  Card lost in the mail?  No problem.  We can print you a new one!.  We are pleased to provide a "greener" product!

Are you retiring? 
If you are cutting back in your business and spending less than 10% of your time doing tree care, you may be eligible for MCA Retired Status.  Retired MCAs are no longer required to submit CEUs each year.


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Tracking Credits

MCAs, feel free to use this Credit Tracking Worksheet to record credits as you earn them.  At the end of the year, you can quickly and easily transfer the information to the online form.  This form does not take the place of your recertification form and should not be submitted to the MAA office.  It is for your own personal use.

Remember that if you watch webinars as part of your continuing education, we ask that you submit a Webinar Confirmation Form after viewing.  This is our record of your having viewed the webinar, it serves as your "proof of attendance."


November 1

 Online Recertification form opens
 November 1 - February 15Recertification Forms collected along with membership dues or non-member fees. 
Annual MCA cards mailed weekly.
 February 16 - May 31 Lapsed MCAs reminders sent via email. $50 late fee applied. 
MCA cards mailed monthly.
 June 1 Lapsed MCAs sent final notification via US mail.
 September 1 Lapsed MCAs with no response to above outreach will be expired on September 1.


Reinstatement requests are reviewed by the MCA Committee.  A lapsed MCA will be considered for reinstatement only when the following criterion are met:

1. Less than 3 years have lapsed since the last recertification form submitted.

2.  A current recertification form has been received that indicates ANY / ALL credits earned in the intervening years since the last recertification form was submitted.  Use the "other credit" text boxes to include information and details.

3.  A letter of reinstatement request is sent, containing an explanation of the lapse (ie, medical, out of country, left industry).  Please send this letter to the MAA office.

4. Once reinstatement terms have been met above, and reinstatement is approved, $250 reinstatement fee will be collected.

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