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City of Somerville Department of Public Works - Tree Surgeon (2 positions)

Monday, July 10, 2023 4:53 PM | Vanessa Boukili


Performs a variety of skilled and semi-skilled tasks in the maintenance, repair and care of trees and shrubbery. Climbs trees and performs maintenance work such as preventing or repairing limb or trunk fractures by wiring or placing tree rods as needed. Performs trimming, shaping and cutting of trees and shrubbery. Removes dead, dying, or hazardous trees and removes or grinds stumps. Operates power saws, and other miscellaneous tools and equipment. Uses a variety of tools necessary to perform tree care and maintenance, including bucket trucks and similar tree service aerial devices. Operates heavy motor equipment in a proper and safe manner in order to perform all assigned work. Loads and unloads trucks; picks up and hauls material, plows and sands highways; greases, oils and cleans equipment and performs minor maintenance; performs unskilled labor duties of which the following are typical examples: digging holes, trenches, and other excavations; shoveling materials and leveling areas; loading and unloading materials; emptying barrels and cleaning litter and debris from streets, runways, parking lots; mowing grass, trimming shrubs/small trees using hand or powered equipment; removing snow/ice using manual or small powered equipment; spreading sand on icy areas; using small hand tools, i.e. shovels, picks, axes, saws, heavy wrenches and small power tools. Performs all other duties that may be assigned.


  • An Associate degree in arboriculture or related field and at least two years’ experience working with trees, either as a tree climber, or working in an aerial lift. (Applicants with a high school diploma/GED and minimum of four years’ experience working in the tree care industry, with a preference for those with experience as a tree crew member, will be considered.)
  • ISA Certified Tree Worker Aerial Lift Specialist preferred. Required within one year of employment.
  • Current training in aerial rescue, CPR, and first aid preferred.
  • Ability to receive and interpret written and oral instructions and to give written and oral reports to supervisors.
  • Ability to prune, brace, cut and fell trees consistent with ANSI Z133 standards.
  • Ability to identify trees by species, identify hazard defects of trees, and ensure public safety.
  • Ability to inspect for pests and diseases such as Emerald Ash Borer and Asian Long-Horned Beetle.
  • Must have ability to use tools of trade in workmanlike manner.
  • Must be in good health, dependable, and able to do hard physical work. Position requires ability to work extended hours and respond to emergency situations.
  • Must possess current valid Massachusetts Class B CDL; Hoisting 2B license required within 120 days.
  • Must have safe driving record.

Hours: Full-Time
Salary: $1,248.84 weekly, plus benefits
Union: SMEA-B
FLSA: Non-Exempt
Date Posted: June 22nd, 2023

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