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New Process for MCA 2020 Recertification

MCAs, please visit the 2020 Recertification page to review how you will submit credits for 2020.  The typical RTS cannot capture the various ways that people have earned credit during this unusual year.  You are encouraged to keep a file of continuing education you've received.  When it is time to submit your credits, we hope you will find the online process flexible, efficient and easy to use. 
Looking for MCA Credits?

Be sure to check out the list of ONLINE CEUs to see where you can earn education and safety credits during this time.

April 2021 MCA Exam Registration is Open

Study Guide Owners: Visit the Study Guide 3.0 page now.

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Upcoming Meetings

Feb 10

MAA February 2021 Online Learning: Continuing Conversations with Conifers

Join Cheryl Smith of UNH for an hour long presentation on conifers. MCA Education, MDAR pesticide credits and ISA credits. Broadcast dates 2/10 - 2/28. Registration open now.

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Feb 24

MCA Overview 2021: Part 2 TECHNIQUES

Continue MCA Exam test prep with this overview of additional study guide material, such as pruning, cabling & bracing, etc. May be taken in combination with Part 1 or alone.

Mar 10

MAA March 2021 Online Learning: Great Trees & Shrubs - Adding Diversity & Beauty to the Landscape

Join popular presenter Joann Vieira for an hour-long presentation highlighting some amazing trees and shrubs for the upcoming season. MCA and ISA credits. Broadcast window March 10 - March 31. Registration open now.

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The December 2020 MAA NEWS quarterly newsletter is ready!  Check it out in full color here:

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