2020 MCA Recertification Form (non-members)

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Before You Get Started...

MAA events are listed on the form below with their credit value.  However, every industry-related event, training, seminar or workshop can earn you credit.  How much credit depends on how long the event / training was.  See the chart below to calculate the credits earned for any non-MAA events or trainings you participated in this year.  For example, if an event was an hour long, you can count 1 credit.  If you attended a day-long conference, that's 2 credits.  Note: education and safety credits are calculated slightly differently.  If a training or event is safety-related, be sure to use the correct credit value.

Credit Calculation Grid

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You will receive a receipt for payment which serves as your confirmation of submission.   If you require a copy of the RTS after you have submitted it, please email the MAA Office.

  MAA February Dinner Meeting - Fruit Tree Pruning with Wes Autio (2.0)
  MAA May Webinar - Tree & Shrub Disease with Nick Brazee (2.0)
  MAA September Webinar - Forest Health Update with Nicole Keleher (2.0)
  MAA October Webinar - Rigging Forces with Brian Kane (2.0) - may be counted for education OR safety credit
  MAA November Webinar - Planting Trees Near Pavement with Tom Smiley (2.0)
  MAA December Webinar - Pruning Trees & Shrubs with Erik Draper (2.0)
  MAA Bonus Webinar - Keeping Good Employees in Troubled TImes with Neal Glatt (2.0)
  MA Tree Warden's and Foresters Association Conference: January 7, 2020 (2)
  MA Tree Warden's and Foresters Association Conference: January 8, 2020 (2)
  ELA's Urban Tree Symposium: February 6, 2020 (2)
  SiteOne University 2020: February 12, 2020 (2)
  UMass Ext. Pollinators in our Landscape Conference: February 26, 2020 (2)
  UMass Community Tree Conference: March 10, 2020 (2)
  UMass Green School Fall 2020 (12 credits)
  MAA February Safety Saves - Stop the Bleed Program (2.0)
  MAA June Webinar - OSHA & COVID with Peter Barletta (2.0)
  MAA October Webinar - Rigging Forces with Brian Kane (2.0)
  Tick Talk at SiteOne University 2/12/20 (1)
  Pesticide Safety @ CCLA PES 3/10/20 (1)
  Ed Carpenter Z-133 Safety Talk at UMass Community Tree Conference 3/10/20 (1)
  CPR / First Aid Certificate (2)
  Defibrillator Certificate (2)
  Hoisting Certification / Recertification (2)
  EHAP Program / Certificate (2)
  ISA Certified Arborist (2.0)
  TCIA Certified Treecare Safety Professional (2.0)
  ASCA Registered Consulting Arborist (2.0)
  Pesticide License (2.0 per state)
  MA Certified Landscape Professional (1.0)
  MA Certified Horticulturalist (1.0)
  Massachusetts Arborist Association (MAA) (2.0)
  Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) (1.0)
  International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) (1.0)
  New England Chapter ISA (1.0)
  MA Tree Wardens' and Foresters' Association (MTWFA) (1.0)
  American Society of Consulting Arborists (ASCA) (1.0)
  Meet the minimum safety requirement of 2 credits?
  Meet the minimum education requirement of 2 credits?
  Meet the required 10 credit minimum?