This webinar confirmation form should be completed any time you participate in a non-MAA industry-related webinar.  In the absence of face-to-face meetings, this form serves as your "sign-in" for the event, confirms your attendance, and helps us gather a little bit of information about the training you received.  In-house training (where you sign in) and MAA webinars (where your attendance is automatically recorded by the MAA office) do NOT require a webinar confirmation form.

You will receive a confirmation email when you submit this form.  Please retain that confirmation email for your records.  Use those emails for reference when you complete your online recertification form.  Webinars that you've completed can be listed on the online recertification form by title, date and # of credits.

Thank you.

  0.5 Education * less than 1 hour
  1.0 Education * 1-4 hours
  2.0 Education * 4-8 hours
  1.0 Safety * less than 1 hour
  2.0 Safety * 1 hour or more
  I learned something new
  I refreshed my knowledge
  The presenter was interesting
  The information was easy to follow
  It was convenient for me
  This information will be useful in my job