Types of Membership

MAA Membership falls into one of several dues categories, depending on the nature of your role in the industry or size of your company.  Membership runs from January 1 - December 31 annually.  New members receive a prorated rate based on month that they join.

The following dues rates have been approved for 2020.

Commercial Active MemberSHIP (CA)

A Commercial Active Membership is held by an individual (i.e. company owner or representative) on behalf of a company which provides arboricultural services for profit. Commercial Active members have voting power. Annual dues are based on the size of the company, determined by the number of full time employees: 

Commercial Active I (0-5 employees): $375 annual
Commercial Active II (6-10 employees): $535 annual
Commercial Active III (11-15 employees): $680 annual
Commercial Active IV (16-29 employees): $825 annual
Commercial Active V (Multiple Branch or 30+ employees): $985 annual

Commercial Active Members must carry the following insurance:
Workers Compensation as required by law; Public Liability of $100,000/$300,000; and Property Damage of $50,000.  Proof of insurance must be included along with application.

Commercial Membership benefits (ie, reduced registration fees) apply to the dues paying member of the company.  To extend member benefits to additional company employees, consider obtaining annual Affiliate Memberships for those employees.

Commercial members are invited to request a complimentary account  set up for an Office Manager.  Office managers have log in privileges and receive all hard copy mailings.

Individual Active Member (IA)

An Individual Active Member is any practicing arborist employed by an entity not providing arboricultural services for profit (i.e. state or municipal arborist). Individual Active members have voting power.  Annual dues are $210.

Individual Active Membership benefits (ie, reduced registration fees) apply to the dues paying member of the municipality.  To extend member benefits to additional crew members, consider obtaining annual Affiliate Memberships for those personnel.

Affiliate Member (AF)

An Affiliate Member is a person who works for the same company as the Commercial Active Member or Individual Active member. Affiliates will receive all member benefits of the MAA but will have non-voting status. Annual Dues are $60.00.

MCA Retired individuals may continue to hold an Affiliate Membership with MAA regardless of company affiliation.

In addition, out-of-state arborists who earn less than 10% of their annual income in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts may be considered for Affiliate Membership.

Associate Member (AS)

An Associate Member is a manufacturer or distributor of equipment, materials, and supplies to the tree care industry.  Associate members have voting power. Annual dues are $430.00.

Associate members may designate two additional complimentary members for the purpose of registering for and attending MAA events at the member rate.

Student Membership (ST)

Student Membership is open to full-time students enrolled in horticultural programs. Student membership carries no voting privileges. A photocopy of current student ID is required. Annual Dues are $25.00.

These dues rates are in effect for 2020.

Trade association dues are deductible for most members as an ordinary and necessary business expense.  Dues are not deductible as a charitable contribution.  10% of MAA dues are attributable to lobbying expenses and are not deductible.

updated October 2020.