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  A Plant Health Care Consultant
  Academy Tree Service Corp.
  Ace Arboriculture
  Acorn Tree & Landscape
  ACRT, Inc.
  Allen Tree Service, Inc.
  Allenby Tree & Landscape INC
  An Artist's Touch Tree and Shrub
  An Artist's Touch Tree and Shrub
  Andover Arborists
  Andover Tree Preservation Co., Inc.
  Arbor & Horticulture Advisor
  Arbor One Tree Service
  Arbor Specialties
  Arbor Turf and Gardens
  Arborcare with Ropes `N Saddles
  ArborcareTree Service, Inc.
  Arbortech Tree Services LLC
  Arbortech, Inc.
  Arborway Tree Care, Inc.
  Arnold Arboretum
  Asplundh Tree Expert Co.
  Bark Busters Tree Service
  Barrett Tree Service East
  Barrett Tree Service East, Inc.
  Barrett Tree Service, Inc.
  Bartlett Tree
  Bartlett Tree Experts
  Beetlebung Tree Care, LLC
  Belmont Landscape LLC
  Belmonte & Son Landscaping
  Bill`s Landscaping LLC
  Bob`s Tree Service
  Bogan Tree Service
  Boston College
  Boston Parks And Recreation
  Boston Tree Company
  Boston Tree Preservation
  Brabo Payroll
  Brack Enterprises, Inc.
  Bradley Tree & Landscape LLC
  Bransfield Tree Company, LLC
  Brine, Jr., Joseph
  Bristol County Agri. High School
  Brittain, R. Christopher
  Broad Oak Tree & Shrub Care, Inc.
  Brockton Country Club
  Brown, Robert
  BSC Group, Inc.
  Bunner Property Maintenance & Tree Service
  Butler & Sons Tree Service
  Butler Tree & Landscape
  C&S Insurance
  C.L. Frank & Company
  C.P. Murphy Tree Care
  Cambridge Landscape Co.
  Cape Ann Tree Service, Inc.
  Cape Cod Tree Preservation
  Capizzi & Co., Inc.
  Carlisle Arboriculture
  Carlozzi Landscape & Tree, Inc.
  Carpenter & Costin Co., Inc.
  Childs Arborists, Inc.
  Cicoria Tree and Crane Services
  City of Boise Community Forestry
  City of Cambridge
  City of Chelsea Department of Public Works
  City of Haverhill - DPW
  City of Lawrence
  City of Leominster Forestry Dept.
  City of Melrose Public Works
  City of Newton
  City of Salem, Greenlawn Cemetery
  City of Springfield Park Dept.
  Cityscapes, Inc.
  Clarity Advisors LLC
  Classic Tree & Landscape
  Cleaves Company, Inc.
  Colburn Tree Care
  Comolli Tree Care
  Concord Public Works
  Connecticut Light and Power
  Coppinger Company, Inc.
  Corcoran & Havlin Insurance Group
  Cornerstone Tree Care
  Countryside Tree & Landscape
  Crane`s Aerial Truck Service
  Crystal Brook Landscaping
  CT Tree Protective Assn.
  Currier Landscaping Company
  Czarnecki, Kevin
  D.J. Snyder Co.
  Davey Resource Group
  Davey Tree Expert Co.
  David Davis Landscape Design
  David Dylewski
  DB McMullin, LLC
  Delta-21 Resources, Inc.
  DEM-Mass. Project Learning Tree
  Dennis Panu, Arborist, Inc.
  Dept. of Conservation and Recreation
  Derek Binding Tree Care
  Destito Tree Service
  Dodge Tree Service
  Dodge Tree Service, Inc.
  Dougan Tree Service
  E. Bridgewater Dept. of Public Tree & Land Mgt.
  Eager Beaver Tree Service
  Earthworks Landscaping Co., Inc.
  Ecological Landscaping Association
  EL & K Plant Health Solutions
  Emerald Tree Experts
  Empire Crane Company
  Environmental Consulting & Restoration, LLC
  Esten & Richard Insurance Agency
  Evergreen Tree and Landscape
  Everlast Tree Care
  Foppema Tree
  Forest Street Property Management
  Foster, Horace
  Framingham Park and Recreation
  Frank G. Cover Tree Care Specialists
  Frederick J. Dodge, Jr Consulting Arborist
  Fred`s Water Service
  Full Circle Tree Care
  Furgal`s Tree & Landscape
  G. Bourne Knowles & Co., Inc.
  G.E. Barrow Arboriculture
  Gaffin Tree & Landscape
  Ganesh Tree & Plant Health Care
  Garden Bug
  Garden Girl
  Gary`s Tree & Landscape Svc., Inc.
  Gatsby Grounds Company
  Gleason Landscaping
  Grafton L. Briggs Landscaping, Inc.
  Graziano Bros. Landscape, Inc.
  Green Jean`s LLC
  Green Key Horticultural
  Green Tech
  Green Trees Arborcare
  Greenhow, Inc.
  Greenleaf`s Tree Service
  Greenscape Land Design, Inc.
  Greymont, Robert
  Hagerty Tree
  Hamilton Tree & Landscape, Inc.
  Harrells, LLC
  Harrison McPhee, Inc.
  Hart Tree Preservation
  Hartney Greymont
  Harvard University
  Hatheway Landscape Co.
  Heimlich Landscaping & Construction Corp.
  Helena Chemical Company
  Henry F. Davis III Landscaping Consultant
  Herzig, Allan
  Highlander Tree & Landscaping
  Hilltown Tree & Garden
  Hirshlag, Jr., Edmund
  Holden Municipal Light Department
  Holmestead Nursery, Inc.
  Horticultural Technologies
  Hoxie Landscape Services, Inc.
  Independent Arbor Management
  Ingersoll Landcare
  Iron Tree Service LLC
  J. T. Moran Associates
  J.A.S. Landscaping
  J.M. King Arboriculture & Landscaping
  JBS Landscaping & Tree Svc.
  Jean Brooks Landscapes
  John the Botanist
  John W. Field Tree Service Inc.
  Jonah D. Fine
  Joyce Landscaping, Inc.
  K & R Tree and Landscape
  Kane Tree & Landscape
  Keating Tree Service
  Keeping It Green
  Kelley Tree Service
  Kevin Myles
  KGM Tree & Landscaping Co.
  King, Gordon
  L.C. Tree & Landscape
  LaFleur Tree & Landscape Svc.
  Landscape America, Inc
  Landscape Consultant
  Landscape Planners, Inc.
  Landscapes Unlimited
  Lanoue Tree & Landscape Svc. Inc.
  Lawn Management
  Lawns Plus, Inc.
  Leahy Landscaping, Inc.
  Lewis Tree Service Inc.
  Lighthall Company
  Lincoln Tree & Landscape
  Lone Pine Tree Care
  Lucas Tree Expert Co
  Lueders Tree & Landscape, Inc.
  Lupien Tree & Landscape
  Lynch Landscaping & Tree Service
  M-O-N Landscaping, Inc.
  MA Dept. of Conservation & Recreation - Amherst
  MA Dept. of Conservation & Recreation - Lowell
  MA Dept. of Conservation & Recreation - Pittsfield
  MA Pesticide Board
  MAA Management Team
  Maciel Land & Tree
  Madden Tree
  Maine Arborists Association
  Maltby & Company, Inc.
  Manning Tree & Landscape Inc.
  Maple Landscaping
  Marchese Landscaping Service
  Marconica, Inc.
  Maricor Construction Services
  Mark Tobin
  Marquis Tree Service
  Marshwind Landscape Design
  Mass DEP
  Mass. Forestry Association
  Mass. Tree Wardens & Foresters Assn.
  Massachusetts Arborists Association
  Matthew R. Foti Landscape Design & Construction, Inc.
  Matthew R. Foti Tree Service, a division of Bartlett Tree Experts
  Mayer Tree Service, Inc.
  MCA Retired
  McBride Tree Service
  McCarthy, Jr., Robert
  McDonough Tree Removal, Inc.
  McKinney Brothers Tree Svc.
  McSweeney & Ricci Insurance Agency
  Mead Bros. Tree Service, Inc.
  Meehan Tree Service
  Misty Hill Landscape Design, Ltd.
  Mockingbird Hill Tree & Lawn Care, LLC
  Monomoy Tree Service
  Monster Tree Service of Southeastern MA
  Morrison Tree Service
  Mount Auburn Cemetery
  Mount Holyoke College
  Mountain Tree Service
  Munroe Tree & Landscape, Inc.
  Nagog Woods Community Corp./co The Dartmouth Group
  National Grid
  Natural Tree & Lawn Care, Inc.
  Natureworks Landscape Services, Inc.
  Newton Cemetery Corp.
  Nick`s Tree Service
  Nietupski, Steven
  Norfolk County Agricultural High School
  North Shore Arborists
  North Shore Community College
  North-Eastern Tree Service
  Northeast Nursery, Inc.
  Northeast Rescue Systems, Inc.
  Northeast Tree, Inc.
  Northern Tree Service, Inc.
  Northstar Insurance Services, Inc.
  Olde Colonial Tree & Landscape, Inc.
  On Earth, Incorporated
  Onyx Trans Inc
  O`Neil Tree Service
  P. Kierce & Sons Landscaping, Inc.
  Palaza & McDonough Tree Svc., Inc.
  Parsons Tree Service
  Pathfinder Tree Service, LLC
  Paul L. Brackett Assoc., Inc .
  Paul Marini Fine Gardening
  PB Erhard Professional Arborist
  Peachtree Landscaping
  Peerless Since 1945, Inc.
  Perennial Favorites
  Perotti Tree Surgeons, LLC
  PG Toolas LLC
  Phil Mastroianni Corp.
  Pollock Bros. Tree Service, Inc.
  Polonski Tree Service
  Pond Meadow Corp
  President`s Landscape & Design, Inc.
  Provost Companies, Inc.
  R.J.W. Land Management
  R.L. Presutti Consultants
  R.M. Allen Tree & Landscape
  R.P. Marzilli & Company, Inc.
  Race Mountain Tree Services, Inc.
  Rae, William
  Rainbow Treecare Scientific Advancements
  Regal Tree & Shrub Experts, LLC
  Retelle Tree Corp.
  Richard Hunt Landscape Co.
  Rines Arborworks, LLC
  Riverside Services Co., Inc.
  RME Tree Cutting
  Robert D. Hall Landscapes & Tree Care
  Roger B. Sturgis & Associates, Inc. & Nowak Tree Division
  Royer Tree Service, Inc.
  Rudy`s Tree & Landscape
  Saddle Up Tree Service
  Seacoast Tree Care
  Sean Flynn Landscaping
  Seaside Arborists
  Select Horticulture
  Shanley Fleming Boksanski & Cahill
  Shawmut Equipment Company, Inc.
  Shelter Tree, Inc.
  Sherwood Consulting & Design
  Simkins Tree Service
  SJ Swetish - Arborist
  Smith College Botanic Garden
  Soares Tree & Landscape Co.
  South Shore Arborists
  Spinner, Warren
  Stanley Tree Service, Inc.
  Stockbridge School of Agriculture
  Stoneham - Tree Warden
  Stoner Trees & Shrubs
  Storybook Tree Co., Inc.
  Student Soc. of Arboriculture
  Stumpy`s Tree Service
  Swazy & Alexander Landscaping LLC
  Szamreta, Jr., Edward
  T.J. Kent Landscape & Tree Svc.
  TDL Landscaping, Inc.
  Tedd Williams Landscape Svc.
  Templeman Tree Service, Inc.
  Templeton Highway
  The Care of Trees
  The Dartmouth Group at Kings` Way
  The Garden Tutor
  The Haupt Tree Company, Inc.
  The Reilly Tree Company
  The Roche Company
  Tiplady, Jonathan
  To The Point Graphic Design
  Tom Coburn Landscape
  Tony`s Tree Service LLC
  Top Notch Tree, Inc.
  Town & Country Garden Dsgn.
  Town of Acton
  Town of Andover
  Town of Bedford
  Town of Belmont-TW
  Town of Bernardston
  Town of Brookline
  Town of Cohasset DPW
  Town of Concord
  Town of Duxbury
  Town of Framingham DPW
  Town of Franklin
  Town of Hingham- DPW
  Town of Hopedale - Tree Warden
  Town of Lexington-DPW
  Town of Lincoln
  Town of Millbury
  Town of Nahant
  Town of Nantucket - DPW
  Town of Natick DPW
  Town of Needham-DPW
  Town of Orleans-Tree Warden
  Town of Plymouth
  Town of Raynham
  Town of Sandwich
  Town of Sharon - TW
  Town of Sherborn
  Town of Tewksbury - DPW
  Town of Walpole
  Town of Walpole - Parks Dept.
  Town of Warren
  Town of Watertown
  Town of Wellesley Park & Tree Div.
  Town of Weymouth
  Town of Wilmington DPW
  Town of Wrentham DPW
  Tree 413
  Tree Care Industry Association
  Tree Specialists
  Tree Specialists, Inc.
  Tree Tech, Inc.
  Trees Unlimited
  Treescapes Cape Cod, Inc.
  Trout Brook Landscaping
  Trustees of Reservations
  Twin Landscaping, Inc.
  UMass - Grounds Mngt.
  UMass Dept. of Environmental Conservation
  UMass Extension
  UMASS Extension - Worcester
  Urban Forestry Solutions Inc.
  Valley Tree Service
  ValleyCrest Landscape Development
  ValleyCrest Landscape Maintenance
  ValleyCrest Tree Care Services
  Vegetation Control Service, Inc.
  Vista Horticultural Services, LLC
  W.R. Scanlon, Inc.
  Wagon Wheel Nursery
  Weiss Landscape Company, Inc.
  Wellesley College
  Wentworth Inst. of Technology
  Wetlands & Wildlife LLC
  Whalen Nursery, Inc
  White Horse Lawn and Tree
  Whole Tree Care LLC
  Wildfire, Inc.
  Winchester Country Club
  Wonderland Tree Care, Inc.
  Worcester Polytechnic Institute


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  ASCA Certified
  Cable & Bracing
  Emergency Tree Care
  Excavating, Land Clearing
  Insect & Disease Diagnosis / Management
  Landscape Contracting / Design
  Lightening Protection
  Planting & Transplanting
  Planting Recommendations
  Soil Aeration
  Stump Grinding
  Tree Fertilization
  Tree Houses
  Tree Removal
  Large Tree Removal / Transplant
  Tree Valuation
  Utility Arborist
  Other Services


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  Commercial Members (All)


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  Greater Boston
  South Shore
  Cape & Islands
  North Shore
  Central MA
  Western MA & Berkshires
  Rhode Island
  Southern NH & Maine
  Northern or Eastern CT
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Spencer Aaltonen, MCA, MCLP, MCH


Joyce Landscaping, Inc.

Marstons Mills, MA 02648

(508) 428-4772

Alia Abaid, MCA


Davey Resource Group

Worcester, MA 01609

(508) 825-3234

Erin Abbott - Gardner, MCA



Worcester, MA 01606


James W. Abusamra, MCA

Past President 2008


Hartney Greymont

Needham, MA 02492

(781) 444-1227

George N. Ackerson, MCA



Horticultural Technologies

Clinton, MA 01510

(978) 368-1900

Derek Adams, MCA

Crew Leader


Town of Franklin

Franklin, MA 02038


Steven R. Adams, MCA



Tyringham, MA 01264

(413) 429-1681

Robert Allard, MCA



Fall River, MA 02720


David Anderson, MCA, MCLP


Hartney Greymont

Needham, MA 02492

(781) 444-1227

Michael Thomas Andrews, MCA


City of Boise Community Forestry