The Massachusetts Arborists Association (MAA) is a professional trade organization that serves the commercial arboriculture industry. The MAA advances the goals of its tree service professional members through tree care education, research support, arborist certification and promotion of the value of arboriculture to the public.

Founded in the late 1930s by leading tree care proponents, the Massachusetts Arborists Association (MAA) is proud to be one of the oldest arboriculture associations in the nation. The MAA's membership now includes more than 800 of the state's leading arborists, Massachusetts' tree service professionals.

In 1957, the MAA initiated a voluntary certification program and established the Massachusetts Certified Arborists Examining Committee. The title "Massachusetts Certified Arborist" has become the symbol of tree care professionalism in Massachusetts, through its comprehensive examination and continuing education requirements.

Current research and regulation in the arboriculture field has generated an information "explosion." Many practices once thought appropriate are now considered obsolete and in some cases, counter-productive. Look to the MAA to keep you informed and competitive with the latest in tree care, regulatory issues and sound business practices. Read about our Member Benefits.

The Massachusetts Arborist Association is a member-driven organization which relies on its member volunteers. We invite you to join your fellow tree care professionals in supporting Massachusetts' tree service industry. Contact [email protected] to inquire about volunteer opportunities with MAA!


The Massachusetts Arborists Association (MAA) was founded on the principle that competition between members is healthy and does not necessarily preclude working together for the betterment of our Association and the tree care industry. To that end, MAA members and Massachusetts Certified Arborists (MCA) agree to the following:

∆ To be generous with our time and resources to further the objectives of the Association.

∆ To operate our businesses with safety as our foremost concern.

∆ To provide a workplace that encourages professionalism and personal betterment.

∆ To abide by all laws and regulations that govern our industry. To constructively oppose ordinances and legislation that may unduly or improperly restrict our business.

∆ To compete with one another fairly.

∆ To accept that we are viewed by the general public and the government collectively. To understand that with each new member and MCA we welcome, the better we control our common destiny.