Recertification FAQs

How do I maintain my certification?  

MCAs are required to complete an annual Recertification Tally Sheet (RTS).  MCAs are required to obtain ten (10) recertification credits within a calendar year (January 1 – December 31).  Two credits must be safety credits and two must be in the education category.  Incomplete tally sheets will not be processed. Please make sure you have covered all minimum requirements (e.g safety, education, etc).  Accumulated credits do not carry over from year to year.  

I just passed the MCA Exam - when is my first tally sheet due?

Congratulations!  New MCAs have a grace period before submitting their first tally sheet.  This is designed to be helpful to the new MCA but the length of time between exam and tally sheet submission can lead to people forgetting about it altogether!  Mark your calendar!   The year you pass the exam is the grace period (whether it is April or October).  The next year is the year you start to complete the tally sheet.  You can include all credits earned from the exam year AND the current year.  Then the tally sheet is due by February of the next year.  So if you pass the exam in 2018, you will fill out a 2019 tally sheet with credits for 2018 AND 2019, and submit your first tally sheet by February 15, 2020!  Confused?  Call the MAA office.

How do I submit my annual recertification tally sheet?

MCAs may submit their RTS electronically via this website. The deadline for submission is February 15 of the following year.  Once the MAA office has received a completed tally sheet and required fees, an MCA card and RTS for the next year is mailed.

Are there fees for recertifying?

The annual MCA recertification fee is waived for current MAA members in good standing. Non-members pay an annual administrative fee of $75.00 to maintain their MCA designation.  All MCAs are assessed a $50 late fee for RTS forms received after February 15.

What additional documentation is required with my recertification form?

The recertification program operates on the honor system. Proof of attendance is not required at the time the RTS is submitted. The MCA Examining Committee conducts random audits on an annual basis. If you are audited, you may be required to provide proof of attendance or participation for some credit claimed on your RTS. Accurate record keeping is the responsibility of the individual MCA.

What are some of the ways to earn credit that I may not have thought of?

There are a variety of ways to obtain recertification credit during the course of a year.  In addition to the organizations and events listed on the MCA Recertification Tally Sheet, arboriculture seminars produced by the following Green Industry associations, organizations or institutions are approved for 1 MCA credit for each half-day course or 2 MCA credit for each full-day course. Membership in any of the following is approved for 1 MCA credit per year. Proof of attendance and/or membership may be requested at an annual MCA audit.

Arboreta (i.e. Arnold Arboretum, Morton Arboretum, Morris Arboretum, etc.)
Botanical Societies
Horticultural Societies
Independent Tree Care Seminars (i.e. Shigo & Assoc., ACRT)
Land Grant Universities
State or Community Colleges
State/Regional/National Arboriculture Trade Associations
State/Regional Cooperative Extension Systems
State/Regional/National Allied Green Industry Trade Associations

What if I miss the deadlines or don't have enough credits?

If the annual recertification requirement is not met by year-end and/or the RTS is not submitted by February 15, your MCA designation could be revoked.  One of the best ways to stay current is to make sure MAA has a current, working email address for you.  We will send regular reminders of deadlines and upcoming credit-earning opportunities.  Don't let your hard-earned credential expire - and please let our office help you with any questions at all.

An individual whose certification has been revoked may elect to re-take the MCA examination at the regular fee and may renew their certification status upon successful completion of the examination.  In certain circumstances, an expired MCA may be reinstated without a re-exam, if the lapsed period is under three years and all missing credits can be documented.  All reinstatements are at the discretion of the MCA Committee.

Have questions or need some help?

Please contact Carrie Martin at the MAA Office.