MCA Study Guide UPDATE


The academic authors of the MCA Study Guide, along with the MCA Committee, have undertaken a comprehensive review of the material contained in the MCA Study Guide Version 2.0 and have determined that some of the material requires revision to remain current with ANSI A300 and Z133 standards of arboriculture.

Due to the planned Study Guide revision, the MCA exam will not be offered in October 2019. 

This decision will allow time for critical revisions to be made and updated study material to be distributed to those preparing for the next exam.

For candidates currently preparing for the exam using MCA Study Guide version 2.0, you may continue studying specific sections. Here’s what will stay and what will be updated:

Exam candidates may continue to prepare from chapters 1-3 of the Study Guide.

Exam candidates may continue to prepare from all three ID tutorials - these are currently in your Study Guide as Appendices A, B and C (Tree & Shrub ID, Tree Disease, and Insect Tutorials).

Chapters 4-13 require revisions to align with the new ANSI standards. The committee will provide either a revised Study Guide chapter or will recommend a new resource for preparing in these topic areas.  As revisions or resource recommendations become available, updates will be posted at the MAA website and sent via email alert. The committee anticipates all revisions will be complete by late February 2020.

The committee understands that this delay may be difficult for those actively seeking to earn their MCA designation.  We are happy to address any specific concerns or questions you may have.  We plan to offer additional seats at the next MCA exam scheduled for Friday, April 10, 2020.

Please be sure to check the MAA website and your email for important updates. Thank you.

Brandon Maltby, MCA, Committee Chair
Rachel Brinkman, MCA
Bruce Duffy, MCA
Keith Bernard, MCA
Max Ford-Diamond, MCA, Past Chair

Carrie Martin, MAA Membership & Certification Manager
[email protected]