CEU Requests

The following non-profit Green Industry institutions/associations are pre-approved to offer MCA credit at the rate of 1 MCA credit for each half-day (4.0 hr.) horticulture-related course or 2 credits for each full-day (8.0 hr.) course:

Arboreta, Botanical and Horticultural Societies 
Land Grant Universities
State or Community Colleges
State / Regional Cooperative Extensions Systems
State / Regional / National Green Industry Associations

Organizations PRE-Approved for CEU Credit may request CEUs by clicking HERE.

What happens next:
You will receive email confirmation of credits awarded. 
2. You will receive a form to complete and print for your event.
3. These take-away forms shall made available to MCAs at the conclusion of the event. 
It is the responsibility of the professional to retain these forms as proof of attendance at the event.

Organizations and commercial entities NOT included in the above list must receive advance approval to offer MCA credit when holding an industry-wide event.

Commercial entities or other organizations NOT pre-approved, please click to DOWNLOAD THE CEU Request Form

Continuing education credits may be granted for programs that state an educational purpose that is clearly aligned with the MCA curriculum and study guide content. No credit will be awarded for a program that endorses a proprietary/commercial product or process.

Credit will be granted in accordance with the standards set forth on the MCA recertification tally sheet: 2 credits per day-long event (approximately 8 hours of training), 1 credit per half day event (approximately 4 hours of training). Half-credits may be granted when applicable.

For commercial entities, an application and partnership contribution must be submitted for each educational event at least three weeks prior to the event. The partnership contribution is $100 for MAA Members and $200 for MAA non-members.

CEU Credit Applications will be reviewed by members of the MCA Committee, whose decision is binding.

This CEU approval process is for open industry-wide events.  It does NOT apply to in-house employee safety training programs.

When an educational program is approved for MCA CEUs, the Association should be offered an opportunity to send MAA representatives to the event to build awareness of the association and the MCA program; and/or the event should be marketed "in cooperation with Massachusetts Arborists Association."