Arbor Day Project Manager's Checklist

Plan An Awesome Arbor Day of Service Project!

 Have you thought about…..

Publicity (Pre & Post) – send out emails to your contacts and to your local press to publicize your plans! Utilize the sample press releases at

Volunteer Solicitation – utilize the MAA website to post your project and solicit other volunteers.

 Facility/Host Site 

Plans for Parking?
Do you need Police Detail?
Rest Rooms?
Will you be providing food and beverage?

coffee & muffins
beverages – throughout the day

Chip Dumping?
Any additional permits needed?
Is there space for a consumer table for educational materials, hands-on activities or an Ask the Arborist time?
Will the site be open to the public? Should host consider closing for the day to ensure safest possible conditions?

 Planning the Project 

Identify Scope of Work
Assign zone managers – assign volunteers to oversee sections of the work area
Create volunteer assignments – specifics help keep everyone on target to complete the work.
Equipment – create a list of equipment needs and assign to volunteers
Safety – ensure that everyone is operating safely (waivers?)
Arrange for a photographer (or a volunteer crew member to take pictures)

 Will there be a Ceremony? 

Tree planting?
PA system?

 Will you have Giveaways? (T-Shirt, Seedlings, etc.) 

Arrange a distribution location and volunteer to distribute.

 Day of Event 

Display ADOS signs in key locations around the work site!
Adhere to strict safety guidelines
Collect phone numbers and contact information for all volunteers in case of emergencies or change in plans?
Back up plan in the event of bad weather?