Each April, MAA celebrates a state-wide volunteer day.  MAA's Arbor Day of Service gives tree care professionals a chance to make a direct impact in their local communities, drawing attention to the importance of proper tree care and tree planting.  Hundreds of arborists volunteer annually, working collaboratively or on independent projects at sites such as community parks, schools, town commons or conservation lands.  In 2020, although MAA is unable to endorse any group projects, we do hope that arborists will find ways to celebrate and give back in their local communities as they are able.

Thank you Sponsors!

Arbor Day of Service - See You in 2021!

Unfortunately, in light of the Governor’s order, MAA needs to cancel our annual Arbor Day of Service on April 24, 2020.  Even though we cannot hold any large gatherings, we still hope that our members will find creative ways to celebrate Arbor Day on their own later this month.  

You can count on the BEST GROUP CELEBRATION EVER in April 2021!

A few 2020 Community Requests for Help may remain active

MAA will be checking with these sites to see which projects might still move ahead in April 2020 - although it is likely that some may be postponed. If you're able to lend a hand, arborists are encouraged to reach out to sites in need and, if possible, find ways to help safely at these locations.

Despite the unfortunate COVID-19 situation, we know that some arborists might carry out individual volunteer projects this spring.  Let us know if you have plans to celebrate Arbor Day of Service with volunteer work in your community.  We would love to celebrate your efforts!


looking for help on Arbor Day?

We are no longer accepting requests for help from community organizations for spring 2020.  Community organizations are invited to make requests for volunteer assistance on Arbor Day of Service for next year - Spring 2021. 

While not all requests can be met, MAA will do its best to connect you with volunteers in your area.  

Please complete this form to let us know your specific needs.  Please add as many details as possible about your organization and your needs.