Each April, MAA celebrates a state-wide volunteer day.  MAA's Arbor Day of Service gives tree care professionals a chance to make a direct impact in their local communities, drawing attention to the importance of proper tree care and tree planting.  Hundreds of arborists volunteer annually, working collaboratively or on independent projects at sites such as community parks, schools, town commons or conservation lands.

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ADOS 2021?

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Arbor Day of Service Returns on April 30, 2021

MAA's Group Celebration Plans Underway

Mark your calendar now and watch for details about the MAA’s Arbor Day of Service celebration on Friday, April 30, 2021.  MAA’s popular community service event will be held at the historic Ames Estate and Community Park in Easton, MA.

First settled by Oliver Ames, 35th Governor of the Commonwealth, this 36-acre bucolic estate is now a well-loved green space regularly enjoyed by community members under the stewardship of The Trustees. The property has a significant number of full-growth specimen trees that reflect the ongoing commitment of the Ames family members to arboriculture. Dramatic examples include Kentucky coffee tree, magnolia, cucumber magnolia, Stewartia, beeches, sweet gum and columnar maple. 

“We are looking forward to making a difference at the historic Ames Estate next April,” said Neal Reilly, MCA, Arbor Day Committee co-chair.  “The property offers an excellent opportunity for MAA members to get together and demonstration veteran tree preservation including pruning and plant health care.”

Details on how you can be involved in this group project are coming soon!

Community sites in need

In 2021, we are collecting requests from the community for assistance on Arbor Day.  If you're able to lend a hand, arborists are encouraged to reach out to sites in need and, if possible, find ways to help safely at these locations!

Are you making plans for Ados 2021?   

Let us know if you have plans to celebrate Arbor Day of Service with volunteer work in your community.  We would love to celebrate your efforts!


looking for help on Arbor Day?

Community organizations are invited to make requests for volunteer assistance on Arbor Day of Service 2021.  The official date of this event is April 30, 2021 - but some project work will take place on other days depending on your needs.

While not all requests can be met, MAA will do its best to connect you with volunteers in your area.  

Please complete this form to let us know your specific needs.  Please add as many details as possible about your organization and your needs.