Arbor Day Group Celebration – Everyone is Invited!

This year’s biannual group celebration will be held at the Ames Estate and Community Park in Easton, MA. Neal Reilly, MCA and Kevin Cleveland, MCA, co-chairs of the Arbor Day of Service Committee, along with an enthusiastic team from The Trustees have developed a comprehensive plan to provide much-needed tree work at this historic site.

What’s the plan?

Following strict CDC guidelines and with all safety protocols in place, the MAA’s Arbor Day Celebration plans include a morning of tree work, as well as midday lunch and other festivities to recognize our volunteers.

With hundreds of mature specimen trees in need of care, tree work at the Ames Estate will include structural pruning, removals, tree planting, plant health care and more.

Equipment and volunteers needed: cranes, bucket trucks, chip trucks, track lifts, skid steers, log loader, Bobcats, PHC rigs, climbers, and hand pruners.

A little history

Arriving in Easton in the early 19th century, the Ames family earned national renown through their shovel manufacturing company that supplied tools for the Civil War and the construction of the Transcontinental Railroad. First settled by Oliver Ames, 35th Governor of the Commonwealth, this 36-acre bucolic estate is now a well-loved green space regularly enjoyed by community members under the stewardship of The Trustees.

The property’s significant number of full-grown specimen trees reflects the ongoing commitment of the Ames family members to arboriculture. Dramatic examples include Kentucky coffee tree, magnolia, cucumber magnolia, Stewartia, beeches, sweet gum and columnar maple. Other varieties hint at the involvement of Oakes Ames, whose association with the Harvard Botany Department and the Arnold Arboretum made him privy to new species introductions such as varieties of Dawn Redwood, catalpa, and weeping beeches, well before the commercial nurseries of the day.