ADOS 2019 Full Project List

Appleton Farms, Ipswich, MA 
Conservation and preservation in action! All aspects of tree care and plant health care projects were completed.

Companies who volunteered their services at Appleton:

Arborworks LLC
Asplundh  Bartlett Tree Experts
Barrett Tree Service East City of Boston Cambridge Landscape Company
City of Framingham Horticare Dodge Tree Service
Vince Falcione MCA Foti Landscape Framingham Parks and Recreation
Hartney Greymont Horticultural Technologies Ellis Allen, MCA Retired
Hunt Landscape Company
Lighthall Company Lueders Tree & Landscape
Maltby and Company Marshwinds Landscape Design Mayer Tree Service
Norfolk Agricultural High School Olde Colonial Tree & Landscape Pathfinder Tree
Stumpy's Tree Service Town of Wrentham Trustees of Reservations staff MCAs
Town and Country Garden Design
Seacoast Tree Care Urban Forestry Solutions, Inc.
  Whole Tree Care  


Italian Home for Children, Jamaica Plain MA
Maltby & Company

"Italian Home for Children is a non profit organization that has been helping children since 1918. The history of this organization is amazing. The number of children they have helped over the years is incredible so we wanted to help them.

We were called in for some unfortunate emergency storm work. As we stepped foot on the property we could tell the trees have been neglected. We understood that there was no budget for tree care for such a large property and we could think of no better site to perform this years Arbor Day! We will have 9 tree crews working diligently all day. We plan on removing various invasive and dangerous trees while pruning and mainting indigenious species. We will provide plant health care and we are currently working on a list of new trees to plant."

South Monument Cemetery Arbor Day Project, Pocasset MA
Stephen Buckhoff, MCA
Hazard tree removals and mitigation of invasives top the list for this cemetery restoration project.

Island Grove Park Restoration Pruning at Island Grove Park, Abington MA
Nick's Tree Service, Nicholas Mazzilli MCA

"This year for our Arbor Day of Service, the Nick's Tree Service team will continue our restoration pruning project at Island Grove Park (200 Park Avenue, Abington MA). Our team will pick up right where we left off last year by focusing on safety pruning and hazardous tree removals around the playground area that was donated by Nick's Tree Service to the town several years ago. Along with focusing on the playground area, we will also be removing and pruning hazardous trees that overhang the trails throughout the park to mitigate any dangers posed to pedestrians or their pets while enjoying Island Grove Park."

Arsenal Park Tree Maintenance, Watertown MA
Chris Hayward, MCA with Butler & Sons, Tree Tech and Mount Auburn Cemetery

"Arsenal Park is a hidden gem of a park in Watertown. Located behind the former Arsenal Mall, it is becoming a go to place for large groups to gather and enjoy the beauty of nature outside of the hustle and bustle of the city. Many trees throughout the park have been neglected over the years and is some cases have become a safety concern. We will make an effort to clean up and maintain as many trees as we can on this much anticipated day. We are also planning on having a small gathering of environmentally minded businesses and groups on site to discuss various green efforts taking place in Watertown."

St Mark's School, Southborough MA
Patrick Boyle, MCA, Hartney Greymont

"We will be performing air spade work on trees in the main campus area. Students will be in attendance and the goal is to teach about the importance of tree roots."

Hadwin Arboretum Arbor Day of Service, Worcester MA
Kelly Meiler, MCA, MA DCR

"The 2019 Arbor Day of Service will be held at the Hadwin Arboretum in Worcester, MA. For those who are unfamiliar with the Arboretum, it is located on the west side of Worcester, bordering May and Lovell Street.For decades, proposals have been submitted and plans have been talked about to clean up the Arboretum. Today the Arboretum is in need of attention. Finally, in 2019, with collaboration from Clark University, The Worcester Tree Initiative, Tower Hill, The Columbus Park Neighborhood, and our program (Asian Longhorned Beetle Eradication Program), the Hadwin Arboretum restoration in is the works! Activies during our Arbor Day of Service include: Tree identification, labeling and mapping, removal of hazardous trees and branches, removal of invasives, and trash cleanup. We are looking forward to being apart of the transformation of the Arboretum for the community."

Belcher Square Project, Great Barrington MA
Erik Haupt, MCA, Haupt Tree Company

Wakefield Estate Rejunevation Project
Gregory Dorr, MCA
Greg will be participating in his annual project with the Wakefield Estate, assisting with tree pruning.

Bristol Aggie Training Day
Shelter Tree Care Products
"Our Arbor Day of Service project is a program for training which will mix students at Bristol Aggie with industry professionals and involve stations for observation and for tree care."

Wrentham Elementary School Presenation
Ray Rose, MCA with MA DCR, National Grid, Davey, and Town of Wrentham Holly Club
Ray will participate in his traditional Arbor Day project at the elementary school in Wrentham, talking with the children about proper tree care and distributing seedlings.

Sanborn Farm Orchard Restoration
Robert Loree, MCA, Whole Tree Care

"I am working with the Danville, NH Conservation Commision to restore an old orchard on The Sanborn Farm which is a property that the town bought recently as consevation and recreation land. We removed a huge amount of weeds and overgrowth, removed several dead Apple trees, pruned and salvaged several others. We have planted 14 new apple trees and have established a nursery where we are growing and grafting more trees. We plan on planting and establishing a total of about thirty apple trees."

Peter Homer Memorial Park, Yarmouth MA
Chris Turner, MCA, Forest Keepers

"Forest Keepers tree care will be providing the Town of Yarmouth with a day of service at the Peter Homer Memorial Park. We will be pruning various trees around the park for safety in key public areas ,and for improving the health and beauty of the trees in the park."

Essex County Greenbelt Sagamore Hill Restoration Project
Matthew Natti, Cape Ann Tree Service
Removing and pruning hazardous trees in a recently acquired open public space.

Longmeadow Elementary Schools, Longmeadow, MA
David Marinelli, MCA with Longmeadow Gardeners group
The Longmeadow Tree Committee and Longmeadow Gardeners are continuing their tradition of planting trees at an elementary school and distributing tree seedlings to every 4th grade student in town.

Tree-Plenish Mansfield, Mansfield MA
C&S Insurance

"A group of Mansfield High School students approached C&S, asking for help to offset the school's carbon footprint by planting trees in and around the local community. The students began with a goal of selling 220 dogwoods, maples, and river birch saplings. C&S gladly agreed to purchase 100 trees. Under the leadership of Tim Kane, our team will share the trees with clients and friends in our various locations (Mansfield, Dedham, and Attleboro). We're excited to see these trees planted, both to help beautify our surroundings and lend to an important environmental effort. Happy Arbor Day, Massachusetts!"

National Lancers Arbor Day
City of Framingham with Arbor Works, Stanley Tree, Eversource, City of Newton, Town of Needham, Northern tree, Bigelow Nurseries., DCR, Keefe Technical school

The selected location is Camp DiCarlo here in Framingham. Camp DiCarlo is a large horse farm and stable situated on a scenic road here in the city with a colorful history. The camp is home to the National Lancers which has a prestigious 180-year history, the National Lancers is a ceremonial cavalry troop in the Massachusetts Organized Militia. While the National Lancers have served in 17 campaigns in the Civil War and World War I, it is now a ceremonial cavalry organization that participates in parades, patriotic events such as the reenactment of the rides of Paul Revere and William Dawes and other events. Beyond trimming, hazard removals, and chipping we are honored to be planting trees in Conjunction with the Liberty Tree Project. The Liberty Tree Project is an organization devoted to honoring Massachusetts Veterans who have passed in the line of duty. Each tree will have a special plaque to remember these courageous men and women.

Spring Beautification @ Discalced Carmelite Nuns of Danvers
Pamela Trentini, MCA

"I am providing volunteer arboriculture services to select beds on the Mount Carmel monastery grounds (gated), such as, pruning, raking beds, fertilization/transplanting, turning over mulch, planting annual/perennial flowers. The Mount Carmel monastery is a cloistered community of Carmelite Nuns living a contemplative life."

Household Goods, Inc. Project
Acorn Tree & Landscaping

Household Goods, inc is a nonprofit organization that provides a full range of donated furniture and household items, free of charge, to help people in need make a home. For Arbor Day, Acorn Tree & Landscaping Inc. will be donating a day of tree work focusing on hazordous tree removals and pruning at Household Goods 520 Main Street, Acton, MA.

Medway Dog Park Pruning and Removals
Arborway Tree Care
Pruning and removing select trees at the park to enhance value and decrease risk.

Tower Park, Medford MA
Bill Bernardinelli, MCA with Aggie Tuden, Tree Warden, Barrett Tree East and Evergreen Tree & Landscape
Tree pruning throughout the park.

UMASS Amherst Arbor Day
UMass Amherst
"UMass will have seedling and t-shirt give aways at the campus center all day, a guided tree walk with Todd Cournoyer 10:30 am starting at the campus center, and tree climbing demo by UMass arbor students 11-12 South Side of Munson Hall. The day also includes the planting of the 2019 Class Dawn Redwood Tree and Tree Spade Demo North Side of Fine Arts Building."

Mansfield Food Pantry, Mansfield MA
Regal Tree & Shrub Experts LLC
Volunteers will prune, cable and fertilize a large European Beech tree in front of the building.

Bailey Park, Somerville MA
Barrett Tree Service East, Inc.
"We have coordinated with city arborist Vanessa Boukili and the Parks department to give some needed love to the neglected trees in this Somerville park.  We will be pruning mature shade trees to remove deadwood, improve structure and adding mulch rings to prevent mower damage."

Village Cemetery, Charlemont MA
Lanoue Tree & Landscaping Inc.
Removing hazardous deadwood over headstones and pedestrians at the cemetery.

Boston Nature Center, MA Audubon Society
Hartney Greymont (Dan Cohen, MCA)
"We will be deadwood pruning a large oak tree overhanging a parking area and community garden.  We will remove downed logs from the stream to help improve the flow of water."

Race Mountain Tree Services Career Day, Sheffield MA
Race Mountain Tree Service

Race Mountain Tree Service held its 4th annual career day at their shop in Sheffield, MA. Monument Mountain High School from Great Barrington, MA and Wamogo High School from Litchfield, CT brought roughly 30 students to experience arboriculture talks and interactive demo stations.  The students heard from members of the Race Mountain team as well as from Kristina Bezanson MCA from UMass who described what brought her to the profession of arboriculture.   The students also participated in interactive demo stations set up and run by the Race Mountain team, learning about everything from rigging principles to tree injection and basic climbing.