Interesting in sponsoring?

Arbor Day sponsorship dollars defray the costs of signage and marketing this statewide event.  Funds are also distributed to support all MAA Safety programming throughout the year. Your sponsorship of $500 includes logo recognition in all statewide publicity.

Volunteering for Arbor Day is not required, however, if any sponsors are interested in participating at the Appleton Farms event (either demonstrating their equipment at the worksite or setting up a display table) please contact Charissa Sharkey at MAA.

Arbor Day of Service: Friday, April 26, 2019

Each April, MAA celebrates a state-wide volunteer day.  MAA's Arbor Day of Service gives tree care professionals a chance to make a direct impact in their local communities, drawing attention to the importance of proper tree care and tree planting.  Hundreds of arborists volunteer annually, working collaboratively or on independent projects at sites such as community parks, schools, town commons or conservation lands.  

The tradition of giving continues on April 26, 2019.  Whether participating  at the MAA group celebration at Appleton Farms or completing in your own volunteer project elsewhere in the state, we hope you'll join in on this outstanding day!


Will you be attending the MAA group volunteer event at Appleton Farms in Ipswich? We'll have a morning of work throughout the property followed by lunch and vendor displays.  All are welcome!

Planning a project?  TELL US ABOUT it!

If you are an arborist who is planning an ADOS project, please share your plans.  We keep tabs on where people worked around the state and how much work was accomplished.