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Arbor Day of Service 2024 - SITES IN NEED

Please see below for sites in need of volunteer services.  Where can your company lend a hand?  MAA asks that members please contact the project organizer directly to see about helping and to please let MAA know as soon as possible if you'll be picking up that project.  Thank you!

 Sharon, MA   

 Mass Audubon, Moose Hill Parkway

A number of old trees which are dead or have blown down near an entrance to our maintenance building. Some trees are threatening a building.
There is another tree we'd like considered which is a little further up a dirt road.

Owen Cunningham


Topsfield, MA


Mass Audubon, 87 Perkins Row Topsfield, MA

A number of standing Norway Spruce trees that are dead and need to be removed due to proximity to buildings.

Richard Wolniewicz


Wellfleet, MA

Mass Audubon Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, 291 State Highway Rt, 6 South Wellfleet

We have some trees that overhang our driveway and West Road that we would like taken down. If possible, we have several downed trees that we would like to have chipped. Chips can be dumped on site.

James Nielsen

Lincoln, MA Mass Audubon, 208 South Great Road, Lincoln MA
We have two black walnut trees that are causing alot of destruction that we would like to take out as well as a group of dying or dead trees such as two pine trees and some ash.
Nick Malo, maintenance manager 978-303-7621
Sherborn, MA

The Sherborn Fund

As a memorial to a 12 year old boy named David Doering who died tragically many years ago, his family and friends created a 1,400 foot trail in a lovely treed pathway that wanders through the quiet woods near the Pine Hill School where he was a student. For several decades, towns people maintained the Doering trail, clearing fall down limbs and the like. Now, after two years of challenging conditions for many of the aging maples, beeches, and oaks, the trail route navigates through piles of accumulated tree debris. The local tree warden has been supportive of the private ambitions to address this issue.

Peter Doyle, Advisory Board
The Sherborn Fund Cell: 508 314 1637
S. Dartmouth, MA

Mass Audubon, 786 East Horseneck Road South Dartmouth MA

We have a 1/2 mile long driveway that is lined with trees and powerlines that we aspire to make safer and cut back.

Alissa Young, Regional Property Manager 508-640-5203
Marshfield, MA

Mass Audubon, 2000 Main Street Marshfield MA

we have several larger trees around our barn area that should be trimmed back, there is also a tree at the front of our nature center that has started to grow towards the roof we would like trimmed back. There are other trees in our property that we would like thinned because this area is used for camp children and the branches will sometimes fall.

Alissa Young, Regional Property Manager 508-640-5203
Wareham, MA  Mass Audubon, 226 Great Neck Road Wareham, MA

We have linden trees around our garage we would like trimmed back, as well as several standing dead trees along our driveway we would like removed. If possible we also have a few brush piles and larger woody debris from previous tree falls or invasive removal projects that could be removed/chipped.

Alissa Young, Regional Property Manager

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