Thank you to all the Arbor Day volunteers! 

DeCordova Museum, 2015

You make our industry stronger with your service.

Projects Planned for 2018:

Practicing arboriculture as a community at the Boy Scouts of America, Camp Resolute, Sudbury
Dan McCarthy, MCA (Mayer Tree) - SEEKING VOLUNTEERS!
Camp Resolute in Sudbury got rocked by this winter's storms- a cabin got clobbered, roads and trails are blocked, hangers and partially fallen trees abound.  Their parking lots are full of threatening trees and the grounds around the main building need some love.  Coffee donuts and lunch!  Contact to volunteer.

Tree work and BBQ lunch, Franklin Park, Boston
City of Boston and participating tree companies - SEEKING VOLUNTEERS!
This year's scope of work will be remediation of the area surrounding the old bear enclosures in Franklin Park, removing dead and downed trees and pruning some large trees as well.  Contact to volunteer.

Tree Pruning at Wakefield Charitable Trust, Milton MA
Greg is undertaking his traditional project at the Wakefield Charitable Trust in Milton and helping out at a site in need.  Thank you, Greg!  Wakefield Charitable Trust is looking for more helping hands this year - see the listing here.

Pruning and Mulching Days, Newburyport Tree Commission
David Dylewski, MCA, Jean Berger, MCA, Mary Jo Ficocello, MCA and a team of 12 volunteers
Pruning and mulching the street tree in the City of Newburyport.

Career Day, Sheffield, MA
Race Mountain Tree Service
Career day for local teens with demonstrations, lectures and training opportunities!

Arbor Day Celebration at UMass Amherst on Friday 4/27
Hosted by the Frank Waugh Arboretum, UMass Extension, and UMass Landscape Services
UMass Amherst Campus Center, 1 Campus Center Way, Amherst MA
Activities include: Information booth will be ongoing throughout day; Arboretum T-Shirt and Seedling Giveaway;
Campus Arboretum Tree Walk; Climbing Demo with Arbor Students; Big Tree Measurement with the DCR Legacy Tree Program; Class of 2018 Tree Planting; Tree Spade Demo.

Safety Pruning at Island Grove Park Playground, Abington
Nick's Tree Service
Nick’s Tree Service will be donating their time and efforts to continue safety pruning and tree removals at Island Grove Park in Abington, MA. Our project this year will be focusing on safety pruning around the newly donated playground that Nick’s Tree Service has recently gifted to Island Grove Park. By spending the day removing immediate tree hazards and pruning dead limbs around the playground, Nick’s Tree Service hopes to make the area safer and more enjoyable for the entire community.

North Falmouth Elementary School, North Falmouth
Hamilton Tree & Landscape, Town of Falmouth, Eversource
Planting 6 trees, general pruning and tree removals and re-vamping gargen plots.

Mother Elias Hermitage, Warren
Russell Holman, MCA, Hartney Greymont
Mother Elias has taken a vow of poverty and runs a hermitage providing a place of quiet, health and healing for Catholics.  The property she cares for has many spruce and oak trees that have been damaged by gypsy moth caterpillars over three years.  We will be treating the trees on the grounds to help prevent further damage.

Wrentham Elementary School Seedling Project
Raymond Rose, MCA with National Grid, Wrentham DPW, MA DCR, Shelter Tree and Wrentham Holly Club
4th grade students will each receive a seedling to take home and plant.  The students will observe and assist with planting a class tree, learn more about the history of Arbor Day and discuss storm time safety and  proper planting and tree care.