Arbor Day Project Manager's Checklist

Checklist for an Awesome Arbor Day of Service Project!

Have you thought about…..

  • Publicity (Pre & Post) – send out emails to your contacts and to your local press to publicize your plans! Utilize the sample press releases at
  • Volunteer Solicitation – utilize the MAA website to post your project and solicit other volunteers.

Facility/Host Site

  • Plans for Parking?
  • Do you need Police Detail?
  • Rest Rooms?
  • Will you be providing food and beverage?
    • coffee & muffins
    • beverages – throughout the day
    • lunch/caterer?
    • Tent/seating
  • Chip Dumping?
  • Any additional permits needed?
  • Is there space for a consumer table for educational materials, hands-on activities or an Ask the Arborist time?
  • Will the site be open to the public? Should host consider closing for the day to ensure safest possible conditions?

Planning the Project

  • Identify Scope of Work
  • Assign zone managers – assign volunteers to oversee sections of the work area
  • Create volunteer assignments – specifics help keep everyone on target to complete the work.
  • Equipment – create a list of equipment needs and assign to volunteers
  • Safety – ensure that everyone is operating safely (waivers?)
  • Arrange for a photographer (or a volunteer crew member to take pictures)

Will there be a Ceremony?

  • Agenda?
  • Dignitaries?
  • Tree planting?
  • Press?
  • PA system?

Will you have Giveaways? (T-Shirt, Seedlings, etc.)

  • Arrange a distribution location and volunteer to distribute.

Day of Event

  • Display ADOS signs in key locations around the work site!
  • Adhere to strict safety guidelines
  • Collect phone numbers and contact information for all volunteers in case of emergencies or change in plans.
  • Back up plan in the event of bad weather?